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It may be understandable, and just because of that its very understandable that Matrox will take long time to develop drivers for RT. Press Play and you will see that it takes approx 0. Matrox has not released drivers for PPro 2. It takes to long time! One can not record audio directly to the Timeline. They may have a Edius system in their store so you can see it in action.

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Enrique Galvis June 5th, Give them a call!

Roger Averdahl June 5th, If you want more, read the Release Notes for X. The 21″ deep firebox is filled with rustic ranch logs.

In your case they obviously weren’t. Besides, this would be more appropriately called a bug. My point ediuss that one have to do more things here and there when using a Matrox card. I should not have used the words “many functions” in my previous post.

Grass Valley / Canopus EDIUS NX Express NLE Systems

X10, basicly a RT. Anyone running the cards with PPro 2.


I’ve captured by Matrox DV device control and then later had the Premiere capture module go back and recapture a selected clip again automatically. This can be very frustrating if you are cutting a music video or you have to finish your project asap.

Can’t argue with that excellent advice. Click to Learn More. Playback in a Standard DV Project starts instantly.

And if you forget one step It creates a truly spectacular log fire that will add excitement to your room. Wdius the real-time performance is still nice to have. Using stills x for panning is worthless with Fit only. Considering that Matrox has been working on releasing their new RT. Find a Mendota Dealer in Your Area Mendota gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are sold through a nationwide network of authorized Mendota dealerships.

They are all reasonable priced today. X-cards work with Premiere only. Anyhow, it is a great card when it works but it is loaded with to many flaws that tricky drivers that easily crash the computer and thus causes irritation ediux takes eidus to solve the problem.


Without the card there can only be user error, computer error or PPro error. If you do a lot of color correction like I do you will save time using an RT.

It takes to long time! A Standard DV Project doubles instantly.

Five DXV Series Models Available

Since these are Matrox effects, they do not qualify as normal Premiere features that are disabled by Matrox DV presets. So my answer is no, i would not buy a Matrox RT. Each individual has to decide if the trade offs are worth it for them.

Later Matrox went to ther RTX series and things did not get any better. I, too, have encountered a few bugs when using the Matrox RT. If your main goal was editing standard DV x? They are sometimes tricky to get working perfectly and is in fact designed for Premiere 6.