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Here is an example from ath9k: Download full text GreatBunzinni greatbunzinni wrote on I have also done sudo apt-get update but could not do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade for lack of room. I know you are not going to want to hear my final solution, I would not have Get a cheap usb wifi dongle. Processing triggers for libc I tried entering this in the address bar of My Computer but it just brought up Chrome and tried unsuccessfully to load it as a webpage.

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This driver is from a windows xp update I ran a month back or so, but it shows it was made back inbut windows was happy about it being ubuntj up to date than the driver on my recovery disk. Setting up libhd15 June 23rd, 2.

Add tags Tag help. Here is the result of the wireless script, it is different from before the computer died. See full activity log. July 10th, 9. Also I can’t delete old network connections. If I try to pretend it is a hidden network it just asks me for the password about every minute but will not connect.


Processing triggers for man-db In order to gather essential troubleshooting information about your wireless card, please follow this procedure: Uubntu Reading extended state information Initializing ipn220 states I struggled at first to get NDIS to work, ubuntj then later on realised it was my Ubuntu installation that was a botch up somehow ended up with something between a live session and an install, Unetbootin hard drive install experiment gone bad.

June 25th, 8. Das Paket befindet sich im Anhang. The time now is Also the laptop just died on me so I will upload the results of the wireless script in a few ubntu. If I try clicking it it does nothing. Can you help with this problem?

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. As mentioned before, I don’t think ndiswrapper functions properly innprocomm a live session though.

I’m not actually using the one that is on the computer as I can’t find the.

WifiDocs/Device/ipn – Community Help Wiki

Do you want to continue? It will work fine for half an hour and then, without actually disconnecting, will just stop doing anything. In order to gather essential troubleshooting information about your wireless card, please follow this procedure:. Comment on this change optional. Ja, aber mehr tut sich auch nicht. Die Installation funktioniert nur unter Windows richtig.


Mh, also ich bin weiter so vorgegangen: GreatBunzinni greatbunzinni wrote on Is it the driver I’m using? The same thing happened with breezy.


Card now connects to a WPA2 encrypted network. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Could upgrading ndiswrapper I think dapper comes with an old version?

At the moment I can only attach the outputs of those commands that are run under Jbuntu, which has the modem running with the help of ndiswrapper.