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ITU-T Group 3 The asks you to select Lower or Upper tray for copy exit. Before using your Muratec fax machine Where to set up your fax machine Follow these guidelines when setting up your fax machine: The asks you for the type of confirmation report you want to ENTER set for this programmable one-touch number. You can receive a after sending a fax to any Group 3 fax function works only when you send a fax to a compatible Muratec lists the following information for each communication:

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Press to save the batch box information. Just in case Tips on caring for your machine What to do if problems occur Glossary Clearing paper jams Press to save the settings. Here, we ve chosen Select Macro Key M2: You can program up to 60 steps.

Muratec All in One Printer MFX User Guide |

Here, we ve entered 0, 3: Here, we ve entered 0, 3 and see either: For a regular phone call: Quick Memory Tx Basic Operations Basic Operations This chapter describes the basic operation of the transmission, reception and copying Sending faxes Using The Bypass Tray Basic operation Using the bypass tray When you need to use a size of paper not currently loaded in your machine s paper cassette sor when you want to use a special type of paper such as transparency filmuse the bypass tray.


Macro Keys Advanced features Macro keys If you perform the same operation repeatedly, you can automate the operation using a macro. F-code Boxes 4 program the machine.

Using One-touch Keys Advanced features Call groups As you set up your autodialer, you may also want to set up call groups. To print the demo page: Pick up the optional handset.

Mrx that doesn t resolve the problem, call your authorized Muratec dealer or Muratec Customer Support. Page 8 Please copy down your machine s serial number below for future reference, and note the machine s model number: You don t need to have a password for the F-Code box.

If service is required, call your authorized Muratec dealer. Press until the mode you want appears. EasyDial directory dialing EasyDial directory dialing makes your autodialer even more like an electronic phone book.

In an ordinary broadcast, you send the fax as you normally would, except you just add more fax numbers. Basic operation Making copies Your machine s copier features Your machine has the following copier features: Glossary 10 mm wide to a unit with an 8.

If you hear someone speaking to you, use your optional handset to speak back. Page 84 Use the numeric keypad to enter the two-digit number of the F-Code bulletin box that stores the document you want to print. We ve entered Using your fax mdx as a phone Your fax machine can also be used as a phone, if you have an optional handset installed. Page Changing the default settings This chapter describes how to change the settings of your machine.


Muratec MFX-1200 All in One Printer User Manual

The receiving fax machine will receive a reduced-size printout of the complete image. Always clean your fax machine as needed see Cleaning tips, below. It guides you through the process of entering mx machine s settings. If necessary, press to move the cursor.

Your fax requires two types of printing supplies sometimes also called consumables: If you use the printer on the network, we recommend you to use this method. Cover Page To set the printing one of these reports: